How To Use Warm And Cool Colors

This is a beginner technique tutorial with an expert watercolorist, Diane Bradley. In the end, you will not only learn a whole lot about color theory, but you will also end up with a finished wall-ready painting. Diane shows you how to have fun with watercolors and introduces you to her basic and conservative palette of primary colors - warm red, cool red, warm yellow, cool yellow, warm blue, and cool blue. She shares her tricks for getting the best results while mixing colors and how a small difference in color can make a huge difference when mixed with other hues. She explains the difference between warm and cool colors and demonstrates how to combine them to get different effects. Diane also shares her unique approach to watercolor painting, including her method of angling her board to allow water to flow and her preference for using inky paint. This video is a comprehensive guide to color mixing, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking to avoid a muddy mess in their next painting.

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Diane Bradley
Diane Bradley


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