Masking Fluid/Liquid Frisket: Everything You Need To Know

This tutorial explains the use of frisket, a liquid wax that is used in watercolor painting to create precise lines and shapes. Diane Bradley, an award-winning watercolorist, explains how frisket was originally made from white wax but the problem with that was the wax was not easily removed from the paper. Liquid frisket was then invented and is now widely available. Diane demonstrates how to use frisket with a dedicated old brush and shows how to fill the brush with the frisket using a spout. The frisket takes about 2 hours to dry, and once it's dry, it can be removed with a frisket remover. Diane compares frisket to painter's tape, explaining that it takes time to put it on and remove it, but it gives you a clean edge. The video highlights the process of using frisket and how it can be a tedious task but the end result is worth it.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to use masking fluid/liquid frisket in your watercolor painting What are the qualities of masking fluid and the effects and fine details you can achieve with it Why apply masking fluid with only dedicated old brushes How to use Post-it Correction & Cover-Up 1-Line Tape as an alternative to liquid frisket How to use a rubber eraser or your hand to remove liquid frisket once it dries Why it is best to use a heavier weight watercolor paper when using frisket How to fix any painting mistakes after removing the masking fluid How to have control of the end result of your painting by adding additional color What's the difference between painting lines and using liquid frisket to create negative space lines What are the the pros and cons of using liquid frisket What are some examples of shapes and details created by liquid frisket in finished paintings How to use masking fluid to create the effect of crystal or glass How to use a toothpick or razor blade to correct mistakes when using liquid frisket How to practice painting your lines with different brushes to create different kinds of lines   Fluid Artist Watercolor Block, 140 lb (300 GSM) Cold Press Paper Pad for Watercolor...

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Diane Bradley
Diane Bradley


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