How To Pick The Right Type Of Watercolor Paper

Award-winning artist Diane Bradley is back to share some technical tips for selecting the best watercolor on paper. She explains the different types of paper based on their weight, ingredients, and the impact it has on the final result of your painting. Diane also talks about the difference between the hot press, cold press, and rough paper. She concludes by explaining the methods for protecting the final presentation of your art.
Watercolor Class Preview: What are the different characteristics to look for when shopping for paper, including brands, quality, texture, and weight What are the pros and cons of the different weights of watercolor paper When you might use 90-pound, 140-pound, and 300-pound watercolor paper to create different effects in your painting How to cut out the size of paper you need from a larger piece of watercolor paper What a deckle edge is and how it benefits the look of the final painting Learn about the benefit of a matte when framing a painting What's the difference between rough, cold-press, and hot-press watercolor paper How to choose the brand of watercolor paper that works best for you Learn about the different colors of watercolor paper and how it effects the finished look of your painting Learn the different amounts of watercolor paper you can buy How to stretch your watercolor paper and learn an alternative technique that takes less time How to securely fasten your watercolor paper to a board while painting outside or indoors   Watercolor Kit (Complete) with Artbook Creative DIY Gift Watercolor Palette Paints Insparea How-to Coloring Watercolor Sketchbook Like Paint by Numbers Paul Rubens Artist Opaque Watercolor Paint Set, Gouache Set...

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Diane Bradley
Diane Bradley


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