Using Tissue Paper & Gesso For Rocky Textures

In this video, artist Vinita Pappas showcases her unique technique using mixed media elements on a 15 by 22 inch sheet of arches cold press watercolor paper. Using regular tissue paper and white acrylic gesso, she creates a gathered skirt-like effect that will resist watercolor paint and provide areas for acrylic paint and collage. Vinita expertly applies the gesso with a putty knife to create a stunning abstract landscape. With Pappas' expert guidance, you can create your own unique and captivating mixed-media painting that will add a pop of color to any painting.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to create a mixed media painting. How to work with gesso. How to create textures with tissue paper. How to paint on tissue paper. How to pour paint onto paper. How to tilt your paper to drip your paint for special effects. How to paint shadows. How spray bottles help you paint trees.

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Vinita Pappas
Vinita Pappas


5.00 Instructor rating