Docked Boats In Sunny Waters

In this video, Vinita takes you through the process of painting a serene tropical water scene, complete with boats and reflections. Using a provided reference photo, Vinita simplifies the scene with a sketch and then paints the final piece. She walks you through the painting process, starting with the blue sky and clouds using cerulean blue and yellow ochre. Then, Vinita transitions to painting the water, paying attention to the color and value changes as she goes from the background to the shoreline. She uses a combination of yellow ochre and ultramarine blue to create the illusion of depth in the water. Finally, Vinita applies some pure yellow ochre to add texture to the sand. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from this creative, award-winning artist.
Watercolor Class Preview: How to elevate your canvas to paint a sky with clouds. When to paint with your canvas upside-down. How to paint a horizon. How to make the foreground pop out against the background. How to create the illusion of depth. Why you'll choose a larger canvas over a smaller canvas. How to transition colors. How to create texture. How to pick colors for sky and water. When to let your painting dry before painting the next step. How to paint shadows. How to paint a white boat. Why dry brushes are useful for painting water. How to paint small people and small details. How to paint branches and leaves. How to paint reflections on the water. When to finish painting. Reference Photo     Initial Sketch        Final Painting       What does yours look like? Send it to us via a message on our Facebook page so we can admire your work and if we have your permission, we can also share it on the page and our website:  

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Vinita Pappas
Vinita Pappas


5.00 Instructor rating