Mixing Colors

Introducing Vinita Pappas' tips on color mixing! In this video, Vinita will provide five essential tips on how to mix colors quickly, especially during the painting process. The first tip is to get to know your colors really well. Just like a coach, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team players, and the same goes for your paints. Vinita will explain the importance of tinting strength, and how it can vary from pigment to pigment. In tip number two, she shares an essential tool for color mixing. She'll show you how to use this tool to keep your colors moist and ready to use during your painting sessions. This video will help you improve your color-mixing skills and enhance your painting experience. Tune in to learn more!
Watercolor Class Preview: What to look for when buying a watercolor palette. Why "tinting strength" makes the difference between mixing colors and mixing mud. How to select your paints for your palette. Why "paint personality" is more important than paint brand. Why a spray bottle is your most important color mixing tool. Why you shouldn't always clean out your palette. How to prepare your paints for painting. How to pick up paint on your paintbrush. Hint: most people get it wrong.    

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Vinita Pappas
Vinita Pappas


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