2019 Review: paintings from artists around the world. PART 1

There are thousands of talented artists who deserve to be highlighted on Beebly’s blog. We are doing our best to find them all… for now take a look at this selection of artists who produced these interesting paintings in 2019.

There are thousands of talented artists who deserve to be highlighted on Beebly’s blog. 


We are doing our best to find them all… for now take a look at this selection of artists who produced these interesting paintings in 2019:


1. Dolgor Dugarova

Painter, Netherlands


“My heart sings when I create.”


Dolgor Dugarova is a Russian artist based in the Netherlands. She has shown her paintings internationally. Dolgor expresses herself in many different styles from realism, to impressionism and abstract. She states that through these different-looking pieces, she expresses different parts of her soul. Dugarova describes her artistic practice as an endless search for new subjects and techniques. Her paintings are created using acrylics, oils, egg tempera, pencils, ink, and watercolors on linen, cardboard, or canvas.

A forbidden fruit or a step to a new one? 2019

Oil on Canvas



“Everyone sees his own vision in this apple: 

it’s a symbol of knowledge, immortality, temptation, or beauty, or the Fall of man and Sin or Choice... Choice - which gave rise to death.

Each person comes to a fork and decides which path to take. You can't go back, but you have to choose which road to take.

Or the choice is just an illusion, maybe in fact, here is no choice. Maybe in fact, at a certain moment, we can only act in a certain way?

Are we free to choose freedom or eternal life?

And have you thought about the time ?

Adam and Eve lived in paradise, ate paradise fruits ...

How long did it last? Year? Century? Millennium?

How many times have they passed this tree? Was there initially a desire to try? Did fear hold them back? Obedience? Abundance? Indifference?”


Giethoorn, the Venice of Holland, 2019

Oil on Canvas



Giethoorn, so-called "Venice of the North" or "Venice of Holland", or a village without roads. You can travel there only by water or on foot. Giethoorn is a picturesque Dutch village, as wel as other, many Dutch villages. The numerous bridges ( there are more than 170 of them there) give the village a special charm. The bridges are rather curved: this was done on purpose so that it would be convenient to boat under them. The painting is made with Winsor&Newton oil colors and a palette knife.

Realistic plump sensual lips, 2019

Acrylic, Pencil on Cardboard


Hyperrealism. The lips are possibly the most attractive part of the face. They are admirable. Women's lips have such power and strength, a mysterious charm. How many men lose their heads from a woman's smile: the lips can smile so beautifullу...


These beautiful lips are made on Ampersand Claybord in airbrush technique. Materials used: acrylic inkt Holbein, iwata MC Airbrush pistool, Fine-Art Pencils of Derwent - INKTENSE and Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencils.


2. J Jie Li

Painter, United States


J. Jie Li primarily works with watercolor.  She has a unique way of applying this medium to achieve interesting effects. She is inspired by Traditional Chinese painting and you can definitely feel this influence when looking at her latest painting: Echoes Of The Silence XXVIII.


Her brushstrokes are unusual for a watercolor painter and the play of light and dark makes this painting fascinating. The longer you look, the more you will see. 


Here is what J. Lie Li said about her Fire and Desire watercolor painting series:


This work is deeply influenced by Arthur Schopenhauer’s philosophy theory, Zen and Daoism. The theme of art work is to discover human’s inner self and human salvation. Desire is the power of life instinct. It’s like a fire, more like wildfire or volcano eruption. The fire of desire, which constantly arises, also continue to change with the environment expand. Fire and Desire describes and expresses that the fire of desire is a driving force of life, but it could be the source of destruction too.

Fire and Desire XXV, 2019

Watercolor on Paper


Fire and Desire VII, 2019

Watercolor on Paper



3. Nathalie Gribinski

Painter, Draftsman, United States


“Creation is infinite. It revolves around my emotions like soft waves of light.”


Nathalie Gribinski is a US based painter and draftsman. Her works have been shown throughout the United States.Nathalie is a lawyer who discovered her passion for art when she moved to the United States from Paris. She landed in Chicago and that is where she undertook her graphic art studies. She describes is as a creative revelation and a discovery of a new path in her life. 


Nathalie mixes abstract and impressionism to create some brilliant, often humorous pieces.

The man in green, 2019

Watercolor & Felt on Canvas


Fairy Light, 2019

Acrylic & Oil on Canvas


Fire in the field, 2019

Acrylic on Canvas



by Mari (Agnieszka)

January 2nd, 2023