2017 Review: paintings from artists around the world. PART 1

There are thousands of talented artists who deserve to be highlighted on Beebly’s blog. We are doing our best to find them all… for now take a look at this selection of artists who produced these interesting paintings in 2017.

There are thousands of talented artists who deserve to be highlighted on Beebly’s blog. 


We are doing our best to find them all… for now take a look at this selection of artists who produced these interesting paintings in 2017:

1. Jann Lawrence Pollard

Painter, United States


“My love of art and travel, combined with a study of old world architecture, is a never-ending inspiration for me. I see light, color, shapes and a moment in time that evoke a feeling that I want to capture in my paintings and share with my viewer.”


Jann is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society, Southern Watercolor Society and California Watercolor Society. She has a B.F.A. degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder, as well as having studied under numerous, well known artists. 


Jann Pollard’s subject matter revisits architectural and landscape views culled from her extensive travels, especially throughout Europe -- but her deeper subject is the atmospheric sensation of the places, and even more so, the memories that accrue both to those enchanting historical places, and to the mind and soul of the artist. Pollard’s deepest wish is to impart these qualities to her audience.

Cotswold Lane, 2018

Watercolor on Synthetic Board



Burford is a wonderful old village in the historical area of the Cotswolds in England. This row of buildings caught Pollard's eye because of the shadows they were creating. Wandering on foot is the best way to stumble upon these views. 

Morning Fog in St. Cirq Lapopie, 2018

Oil on Linen

The hilltop village of St. Cirq Lapopie, in the Dordogne area of France, can create several changes of mood in a very short time. On this early morning, the fog had rolled in overnight and had shrouded most of the surrounding area in the village. The old man taking his morning walk with the cane seemed to say he was contemplating the weather as he slowly walked along.

Discovering the Village of Eze, 2018

Oil on Linen

The Medieval Village of Eze is perched high above Villefranche-sur-Mer in Southern France. The light was shining on the worn texture of the old stone, creating a glow. The lone tourist venturing down one of the many small alleyways added to the composition and the sense of discovery around the next bend.


2. Arash Groyan

Painter, Iran

“ I always have something hidden in my paintings and I love to invite my audience to discover the message.”


Arash Groyan is an Irenian artist currently living in Spain. His paintings have been displayed in solo exhibitions in Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Finland, Singapore, and Italy. Arash continues to be nspired by Persian traditional art. His works are like visual poetry of color and shape. He is inspired by the Iranian mythology translated through Ferdowsi's great work, 'Shahnameh'. 

Persian Phoenix No, 15, 2018

Gilding on Cardboard


This work is number 15 of Persian Phoenix series. It has single design and never done again.

Rostam Choosing His Horse, 2018

Watercolor & Gouache on Paper

This painting inspired by Shahnameh (Book of Persian Kings) and this story is one of the most important and effective part of that. The scene of Rostam (Persian hero) is choosing his horse and the moment of selecting is depicted.

World Peace, 2018

Watercolor & Gouache & Precious Stones on Cardboard

This artwork is related to my Phoenix designs but there is no number belong to them. This is a single work with title of World Peace. The technique and design inspired from Persian illumination but there is a big difference. I used real gems in this painting.

List of precious stones used in this painting:

(Gold 24 C. , Diamond 24 pcs. , Ruby 9 pcs. , Green Garnet 8 pcs. , Blue Sapphire 8 pcs. , Yellow Sapphire 1 Piece)

3. Ayako Tsuge

Painter, Japan

“The paintbrushes that have been passed down from generation to generation eventually became swords to overcome hardships in my life.”


Ayako Tsuge was born in 1963 in the Japanese city of Nagoya. She shows her works and lectures nationally. She creates only in watercolor and produces many works each year. Her paintings are delicate and sensual and reflect the beauty all around with their floral compositions. . 


Her latest focus is a “fusion of contemporary and botanical that expresses the view of life, and draws a reincarnation space of plants and life that goes between the present and the next life.”

Fuji, 2018

Watercolor on Paper



Illustration from the book "Message from Plants" by Ayako Tsuge.

In this piece, I placed a large white coral ball in the middle to look like Mt. Fuji, most famous mountain in JAPAN .

The florist CADEAUX suggested me an idea of placing one white lily in each of the small Fuji-shaped vases covered with moss.

I placed burdock flowers on a nautilus tray, white cockatoo at the top of the screen, and finished it off with two dancing birds.

This express the Japanese summer arrangement, will invite you to the Japanese Obon Festival.


Double Cherry blossoms and Japanese White-eye II 2018

Watercolor on Paper

金の糸, 2018

Watercolor on Paper


A golden thread is a plant that shines in gold.

It also means living on difficult roads.

This picture is a picture that I left the brush on the way

However, it is also a picture that I started drawing again and finished it.


Even if I think "it's difficult, it doesn't work", one day, I flash and start walking forward again.

It is a picture that I think became such a picture.


Gold thread means a very thin plant that keeps supporting you secretly.


by Mari (Agnieszka)

December 30th, 2022