MJ Forster Fall 2009

Watercolour Newcastle, England

Unfathomable forethought and essence sifting. MJ Forster, the popular British watercolourist has evolved a style hinted at in watercolours of the past but never brought to fruition until now. Plain and Complex, with cohesive flowing rhythms executed with an intuitive knowledge of form, light, and color. I couldn't stop looking. Überpainting "Where I share common ground with the Impressionist movement is the need for the work to have solid drawing skills. I also admire their spontaneity and courage to break with the conventions of the day. However, I too am seeking to represent an essence of a place, rather than striving to accurately record a location." "The process of my work takes an initial image through a series of refinements, a journey if you like, where the final piece is often very different from the initial study. It’s akin to sculpture in a way; the first painting is like a cube of stone, I chisel away from piece to piece until the image emerges. So within the creation of a finished piece there are numerous individual works created as the final design is refined, and the core, the essence, the überness if you like of the subject is revealed." "An Uberpainting is like as screen print in watercolour and they consist of five layers of different coloured paint applied independently and sequentially darker in tone. I mix colours from a primary base and it is the application of these successive layers that provides the images with the startling three dimensional impression." —MJ Forster To view MJ Forster's full online gallery visit: www.mjforster.com
by Greg Conley

September 10th, 2015