Herry Arifin Summer 2009

Watercolor Toronto, Canada

Herry Arifin's calligraphic brushwork instills a vigor and dash to everday urban scenes, still lifes, and landscapes that is hard to rival, effortlessly flowing between abstraction with realism. He's out there On The Net. —GC From "Why I Paint" "Painting is, for me, a way of communicating, of expressing to others my feelings about the world around us. When I retired early, in 2002, I found that I had suddenly lost many of the opportunities for communicating that had come with my work. Painting has filled that need since then, and I think it could do so for many retirees. People often think that to paint one must have unusual, inborn talent, or to go through a long period of training in art school. I found that is not really true – painting, like talking is a natural human activity. I had no special training as a young person, only after retiring, I attended painting classes. This taught me the fundamentals of design and of the technical aspects—handling paints and paper. Since then it has been a matter of practice, and looking as much as possible at high quality paintings by others..." —Herry Arifin To view Herry's full gallery visit: www.herryarifin.com
by Greg Conley

September 10th, 2015