Tom Lynch


In his five award winning PBS television series and numerous videos, Tom Lynch has been happy to share his expertise and knowledge with his students. He has written five books on watercolor, and his latest "Tom Lynch's Watercolor Secrets" has reached international acclaim. Perhaps it is in technique that Tom shows his greatest genius. Using several varieties of spray bottles, sometimes an electric eraser and always a lot of bravura, Tom lifts off and melts away the paint, producing the type of ethereal, light quality that is associated with the Old Masters. In Tom's books, TV series, tapes and workshops he taps into the creative process, prodding the creative instinct, gently pushing the student to explore and fulfill his or her own artistic abilities; many of whom have become successful professionals. — Watercolor Masters: Tom Lynch © 2010 Greg Conley —

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by Greg Conley

September 9th, 2015