Charles Sheeler (1883-1965)

Charles Sheeler, an American artist

American artist Charles Sheeler, was a "precisionist" who used precisely defined forms and smoothly brushes surfaces to reveal the appearance and experience of American life. Always aware of the importance of abstract design, Charles Sheeler's paintings reflect, as subject matter, the industrialization and isolation of American life. Using photography to isolate the abstract design in realistic images, Sheeler needed "a complete conception of the picture" in his mind before he began painting. His paintings and fine art photography are in numerous international collections. — Watercolor Masters: Charles Sheeler © 2010 Greg Conley —

Charles Sheeler, Criss-Crossed Conveyors, River Rouge Plant, Ford Motor Company


Charles Sheeler, Incantation


Charles Sheeler, Classic Landscape



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by Greg Conley

September 9th, 2015