Vasile Popescu

Watercolors Transylvania, ROMANIA

We are proud to introduce Romanian artist Vasile Popescu, the newest member of our Artist Galleries. A dedicated watercolorist, Vasile carried his vocation through a very busy career of chief police officer. Now, he is a full time watercolorist and enjoys it 100%. Vasile is continually taking new challenges while seasoning his artwork with ground breaking watercolor techniques and pushing the frontiers of his personal achievements to limits where only a few other artists can go. "I am very passionate about watercolor. I devote most of my time to painting and, while resting the brush, I always look for new impressions, ideas and senses that would make the subject of my upcoming themes." —Vasile Popescu, 2006 Explore the beautifully layered moments of tranquility and softness caught in a variety of scenes, ranging from snowy landscapes to medieval walls in old Transylvanian burgs. Click here to visit Featured Artist's website

by Greg Conley

September 2nd, 2015