Sue Dickinson

Wildlife Art - Watercolors Hoedspruit, South Africa

"There is no room for error with watercolour. Once it is on the paper, it is almost impossible to remove—so I work carefully and accurately. I'm not attempting to reproduce reality, so I want to work fairly loosely too. It is important for the viewer to be able to see the mark of the artist, the journey I have taken on the page..." Sue Dickinson studied B A (Fine Arts) at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg from 1981-1983. After running her own graphic design studio and pursuing a career in the advertising industry, she elected to paint on a full-time basis in 1994. Since that time, she has gained a reputation for her paintings celebrating Africa in all its many manifestations. Sue's work appears on several South African postage stamps, including airmail tags commemorating the discovery of Thulamela, the world-famous archaeological site in the Kruger National Park. In 1998, another set of Sue's paintings, depicting "Early South African History" appeared on postage stamps, postcards and in a prestige booklet. Sue lives and works in the bush, in a wildlife sanctuary close in the small town of Hoedspruit, near the Kruger National Park. Limited edition Fine Art Giclée Prints of her many popular Wildlife Paintings are available online. A currency conversion tool is available to figure out pricing in your country's currency. Visit The Artist's Website

by Greg Conley

September 2nd, 2015