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Watercolor Techniques

The ultimate guide to virtually every watercolor technique. New techniques being added regularly.

End result, plastic wrap watercolor effect

Using everyday plastic saran wrap can be a nifty watercolor technique for producing unique textures and backgrounds.
Using Alcohol To Create Interesting Textures In Watercolor Paintings

Use alcohol as a watercolor technique for painting interesting textures.

Use this watercolor technique to intentionally drip watercolors into a vibrant color collage.

White fur is usually notoriously difficult to paint. Here’s a clever watercolor technique by Yong Chen using dry scratching & negative painting concepts.
4 Watercolor Resist Techniques Made Easy

It’s a nifty (and remarkably useful) watercolor technique dubbed “watercolor resist.” Here are 4 ways to pull it off.

These watercolor techniques put the word “color” in “watercolor.” Includes an example landscape painting for you to follow along and try these techniques.
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Embellish your written words through the clever use of watercolor and calligraphy. This watercolor technique shared by Linsey Bugbee is a step-by-step crash course on watercolor calligraphy for beginners.
Creating a watercolor card using the salt technique

Learn how to add a unique effect to watercolor using a common condiment by following Jennifer McGuire in her card-making tutorial.

This watercolor technique is for every beginner. Fix mistakes while painting by lifting wet paint using these techniques.
Wet-In-Wet Watercolor Technique

Everything you need to know about this watercolor technique for applying paint or water to wet watercolor paper.

How to use wax crayons and wax candles as a watercolor technique to resist paint and produce special effects.
Back wash as texture

Here’s a watercolor technique for painting interesting textures by dropping clean water onto your painting as paint dries.