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Watercolor Techniques for Realistic Snowy Trees & Bushes

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Step 10: Using The “Lost And Found” Technique For Snow


Mix Ultramarine Deep, Burnt Umber, and Payne’s Grey to the color used for the branches, then with the size 4 brush, paint the branches inside the bush. You can make the line “skip” to give the impression of snow lying on top, or soften the lines with a clean brush and dabbing excess water with a paper towel. This is what Steve calls the “lost and found” technique, where you place something very dark against something very light to drastically increase the contrast in a painting (something that can also be achieved by painting negatively). When you’re satisfied, add any finishing touches to the shadows, such as more intense blue or even a little Opera pink to reflect the color of a sunset sky. Make the painting interesting in your own way, and when you’re done, leave the painting to dry. Congratulations—you did it!