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To The Roots: A Watercolor Still-Life Of Beets

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Step 6: Refining Details In A Watercolor Still-Life


For the purple beet’s stalks, mix Cerulean, Cobalt, and Ultramarine Blue with the no. 12 rigger brush, and streak it in as a base color. Lift out any puddles, and feel free to pull some blue into the surrounding objects to tie them together. While you wait for these stalks to dry, add more Olive Green to the darker edges of the other stalks.

With the red mixture, paint wisps where the orange beet connects to its stems. Alter the color a little with Burnt Umber. For the white beet’s wisps, mix Olive Green and Burnt Umber and paint them in.

Going back to the no. 12 rigger brush and purple stems, mix Permanent Alizarin Crimson with Cobalt Blue Hue, then glaze this mixture on top of the blue layer. Like before, leave some of the undertones showing for a better effect. Also, use a saturated version of this purple mixture for the wisps on the same beet. When you’re done with the details and tweaking things, leave this whole area of your watercolor still-life to dry.