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To The Roots: A Watercolor Still-Life Of Beets

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Step 5: Stalks And Stems


To paint the beets’ stalks, mix Leaf Green with the yellows for a base color. Start from the top (the orange beet’s stems) and streak in the paint, leaving slivers of white for highlights. Drop in Oxide of Chromium while the paint is still wet. For the next set of stems below, mix Oxide of Chromium with the yellows for a different green base. Once you’re done, drop in Cerulean Blue for shadowed edges.

Add variety with Olive Green, and switch to the no. 8 rigger brush whenever you need to paint some thinner stalks. You can also paint the next set of stalks using the same method.

Wet the red beet’s stems with the no. 8 rigger and clean water, then streak in Permanent Carmine and Alizarin Crimson, starting from the bottom and tapering off toward the middle of the stalks.