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Easy Watercolor Landscape: Painting A Vineyard In Napa Valley

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Step 6: Adding Shadows And Adjusting Details


Add Neutral Tint to the dark earthy mixture, then paint the shadowed side of the leftmost house. For its interior, use pure Neutral Tint, being careful to avoid covering the truck below. Add a tree behind the roof as well if you haven’t already done so to make the roof stand out.

With Ivory Black (a stronger black than Neutral Tint), paint the windows and wheels of the tractor in front of the winery. You only need tiny touches of it since it’s quite small. Dilute the black to get gray, then add a shadow underneath the tractor.

Mix Neutral Tint and Cadmium Red Purple for a reddish brown, and apply this to the windows and under the eaves of the leftmost building.

Jumping back to the right building, use diluted Neutral Tint to paint a corrugated gray roof, leaving white areas for highlights. Then, drop in a touch of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna to add the illusion of rust to the roof.

As you move along, you can add and adjust the trees in this area to help make the roofs and buildings stand out. It will also help bring the overall watercolor landscape together and harmonize the different elements in the painting. Finally, use Cobalt Violet Light and Leaf Green for some extra bushes on the leftmost side, layering the colors separately for more depth.