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Easy Watercolor Landscape: Painting A Vineyard In Napa Valley

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Step 3: Switching To The Wet-On-Dry Technique For The Vineyard


You can work on the vineyard section while waiting for the trees in this watercolor landscape to dry. To do this, use the wet-on-dry technique and apply the brighter Leaf Green for the vineyard’s first layer. As the vineyard is closer to the foreground, you can use the tip of your brush to create more defined leaves and shapes. Again, leave white areas for light, and add some French Ultramarine for the shadows in the lower areas.

Work in some Peacock Blue into the still-wet vineyard for mid-tone shadows, and increase the contrast with strong Olive Green near the front. Again, for variety, add touches of Cobalt Violet Light and Permanent Mauve for warmer shadows. Soften hard edges with a wet brush, but leave some smaller, more defined leaves for details. These details also help bring the vineyard to the front, especially because you’re using brighter colors.