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Easy Watercolor Landscape: Painting A Vineyard In Napa Valley

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Step 12: Staking Out A Vineyard And Adding Depth


As you finish up the flowers, it is time to finalize this watercolor landscape to turn it into a true vineyard. So, mix Burnt Sienna and French Ultramarine to paint the support poles in the vineyard. Make sure that they’re not all pointing in the same direction, and vary the length and thickness depending on perspective. This means thicker poles are in front, while thinner ones are in the back. Doing so will create the illusion of depth in your watercolor landscape, and all with just a few simple strokes of the brush.

For the stakes closest to the front, switch to the no. 10 rigger brush, and mix a darker brown using Burnt Sienna and Neutral Tint. Carefully paint a close-up stake, and repeat this process a few times, filling in the rows of stakes from left to right. More details can be seen on closer objects, so you can even add the little “branches” stemming from the top of each pole for extra support and depth.

While the poles are still wet, drop in some Brilliant Orange to liven them up a little, especially the poles near the front. You can also darken them using French Ultramarine, either as a suggestion of texture or shadows. Use this color to continue applying small plant details to the wooden stakes, and keep touching up these details as you see fit.