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View Of A Window: Buckets Of Watercolor Flowers

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Step 8: Leaves And More Flowers


For details, it’s better in general to use the wet-on-dry technique, as it gives you greater control over where the paint goes. Bearing that in mind, use the previous rigger brush to pick up Leaf Green mixed with a little Chromium Green Oxide and Olive Green, then paint a base layer of leaves in the flower trough. Dot them in quickly to get a more random and impressionistic effect. You can even add a few leaves cascading over the sides of the trough!

Drop in Viridian next for some leafy shadows, allowing some to bleed into the lighter green to create different shades. Add dots of Cobalt Green for highlights, then use pure Leaf Green for the lightest highlights.

For the watercolor flowers on top, switch to a no. 8 rigger, then paint using Pyrrole Red. Next, use a very saturated Brilliant Orange, sprinkling these flowers in the top and bottom for a more natural feeling. Lastly, use saturated Cadmium Lemon Yellow, this time adding fewer flowers so the colors won’t be too confusing. Throughout this process, be bold with your application, and try not to let the colors bleed too much into one another.