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View Of A Window: Buckets Of Watercolor Flowers

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Step 7: Painting Watercolor Flowers With An Old Toothbrush


To paint the watercolor flowers in the bucket, you can use an old toothbrush to create a fine spray of paint as a base layer. First, use artist’s tape to tape around the flower trough’s bottom edges, then tape a sheet of scrap paper below to protect this area from stray paint splatter. Don’t press down too hard on the tape, as the surface may be damaged when you try to remove it later.

With a no. 12 rigger brush, prep Cadmium Lemon Yellow on your palette, then pick some up using your toothbrush. Try to make it so the consistency of the paint isn’t too watery or thick! To create the paint spray, run a thumb over the bristles while hovering over the area you want the spray to go.

Use Brilliant Orange next for some brighter flowers, then switch to a mixture of Carbazole, Mineral Violet, and Olive Green for more contrast. When you’re satisfied with this cluster of flowers, gently peel off the tape before leaving it to dry.