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View Of A Window: Buckets Of Watercolor Flowers

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Step 5: Grounding Your Scene


With the diluted Neutral Tint, paint the ground next. Follow the direction of its angle, and let some white spots show for extra texture. Paint the riser of the stairs next with an even more diluted Neutral Tint, then use the same paint to add more texture to the wall.

Wet the stairs with water to soften some of the edges, then drop in Olive Green, Prussian Blue, and Indigo for a little color in the riser. Leave a thin line of white between the riser and ground as well to separate the two. Next, use the gray-brown mix to paint the shadow under the bucket, then drop in more Indigo for more contrast.

While painting all this, try not to make the colors too strong, and let the watercolor flow naturally for a more organic look.