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View Of A Window: Buckets Of Watercolor Flowers

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Step 2: Building A Stone Wall With The “Wet-In-Wet” Technique


Begin with the stone wall first, using the “wet-in-wet” technique to add wet paint to a wet surface. To do this, use a no. 20 round brush to wet the wall area with water, then add diluted Yellow Ochre to create a base layer. The wet surface will help create soft edges and blends, which is ideal for the background of this painting.

Paint different-sized blocky shapes for the impression of stones, and when you’re done with the first layer, switch to Burnt Sienna. Be as random as possible, and try not to make your paint too watery. You can overlap some of your paint marks, but aim to gradually cover most of the white area.

Mix Prussian Blue and Burnt Sienna for the next set of stones, then drop in Cobalt Violet Light for variation. Use a mixture of Burnt Sienna and Olive Green last. You can layer some of the colors so they mix on paper, and work quickly to maintain the soft blends. If the paper ever gets too dry, wet it again with water before putting more paint on top.