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View Of A Window: Buckets Of Watercolor Flowers

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Step 12: Gouache White Highlights And Washes


Time to bring back your whites! Squeeze Permanent White gouache paint onto your auxiliary palette, and with a no. 8 rigger brush, dot some saturated white paint among your watercolor flowers. The opaque nature of gouache paint will help it show on top of your previous layers. Next, water down the white, and paint a reflective line in the pot and trough’s top edges.

Water the white down even more for a milky consistency, and switching to the no. 12 rigger brush, add a quick wash over the wall area to tone down this colorful background. This will help bring your watercolor flowers to the front. Paint in a rough, random application to add some texture, but don’t scrub too hard or the underlying layers may start to smudge. Add a little of this white wash to the stairs and window ledge as well.