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View Of A Window: Buckets Of Watercolor Flowers

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Step 10: Varying Your Watercolor Flowers And Leaves


Use a no. 8 rigger brush to paint the flowers on the windowsill, this time starting with Olive Green to get a different base color for the leaves. Try not to be too careful, and leave some room for the flowers and pot. Use Indigo to darken the left windowpanes, and a mixture of Neutral Tint and Prussian Blue for the ones on the right. This should add more depth to this focal point. Again, leave the white streaks for reflective light.

While the windowpanes are still wet, drop in pure Neutral Tint to the top part to make the shadows “pop”! And remember, always feel free to use your own creative instincts when painting, and don’t feel like you have to follow Bill to the letter. When you’re done, leave it to dry, or use a hairdryer again to speed up the process.