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Summer Lovin’ In A Watercolor Beach Scene Tutorial

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Step 8: Glazing Shadows And Tweaking The Background


Glaze the man in the focal point with a diluted version of the shadow color to make it look like he’s in shadow. Then, paint a stronger shadow under the rightmost person to set his place in this watercolor beach scene.

Next, use Olive Green for some trees and foliage in the far distance. Touch up any areas that need more work, such as mixing Pyrrole Red with a touch of Cobalt Violet Light to paint one last umbrella next to the green one. Switch to a no. 6 rigger brush to paint in the umbrella poles using Neutral Tint, being careful here as you only get one shot to paint each pole.

Use the same paint to add windows and architectural details to the buildings in the background, then leave the whole painting to dry.