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Summer Lovin’ In A Watercolor Beach Scene Tutorial

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Step 7: Swimsuits And Other Beach Details


Paint swimsuits and clothing next, using purple for the leftmost person, then Cobalt Green for a squiggly impression of a Hawaiian style shirt for the man sitting at the focal point. Switch to Indigo for his pants. Use Cobalt Violet Light for the lady next to him, while her pants can be orange for contrast. Switch to Prussian Blue for the next guy on the right, touching in a little Cobalt Violet Light so it’s not too similar to the ocean’s color. Use Carmine for the other people in the background.

Again, you can technically use any colors you want for the clothing, but you can use Bill’s selections as a reference point. Make sure to use colors you think will look good in your watercolor beach scene! In addition, use the wet-on-dry technique here for these small detail sections.

For the chairs, mix Neutral Tint and Ivory Black, being careful not to touch any wet paint from the clothing. Add other details like beach towels as well, again using any colors you want. Lastly, add each person’s cast shadow on the beach using the dark blue mixture for the shadows in the back, and the brown mixture for the two in the front.