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Summer Lovin’ In A Watercolor Beach Scene Tutorial

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Step 6: Background Buildings And A Distant Land


Switch to the no. 8 round brush, then mix Neutral Tint and Burnt Sienna for a brown to paint the buildings. Paint in different brushstrokes to help differentiate between the buildings, and leave some white spaces for other colors.

With the turquoise mix left over from painting the ocean, add a few smaller details in the buildings. Use the purple mix next, then mix in some orange for a warm gray tone for even more details. Paint a fence in the left side, but try not to paint any regular patterns, even if the reference photo says otherwise. This will make for a much livelier and dramatic painting.

Change to Chromium Green Oxide next, then mix in your browns for a variation in color. Paint an impression of the architecture rather than anything precise, as you’re going for a more “painterly” look. As you paint towards the right side, things are getting more distant, so simplify and lighten your details accordingly.

Dilute Neutral Tint to paint the land mass behind the ocean, stopping halfway to touch in Burnt Sienna for a more earthy tone, then Chromium Green Oxide for a hint of vegetation. Leave a sliver of white between the land and water for a bit more sparkle. Next, touch in Cerulean Blue to the landmass to harmonize your colors and to carry the color scheme of your watercolor beach scene.

Lastly, with Quinacridone Gold, glaze the leftmost building and fill in some of the final gaps within the background.