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Summer Lovin’ In A Watercolor Beach Scene Tutorial

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Step 3: Painting An Ocean With Gravity


For the ocean, add some Cerulean Blue to the green mixture, then streak in horizontally starting from the horizon line. Use the “wet-on-dry” technique here to get more controlled brushwork, as you’ll also need to leave white strips for the impression of cresting waves.

Add Cobalt Blue Hue to the mix and make the ocean bluer, saving your whites while allowing the colors to bleed into one another. Leave larger strips of white as you near the shore, then switch to Cobalt Green for a different shade of ocean water. Next, lightly touch in some Leaf Green, then go back to Cerulean Blue so it’s not too green.

Switch freely between your different blues and greens, preserving your whites as much as possible. Use Prussian Blue to darken the very top edge of the ocean, then let gravity (from tilting your painting) pull this line downwards to blend into the wet paint below. Touch in a little of this dark blue into the rest of the ocean, then switch to a no. 8 rigger brush and lift out some of the still-wet paint in the back part of the ocean for some very subtle waves.