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Summer Lovin’ In A Watercolor Beach Scene Tutorial

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Step 11: A Splatter And A Signature


Once the beach is dry, mix some Burnt Umber, Indigo, Ivory Black, and Prussian Blue with your no. 12 rigger brush. Next, pick up some of this dark color using an old toothbrush. While hovering over the beach area, run your thumb over the bristles to create a splatter over the sand. You can hold a piece of scrap paper in your other hand to prevent paint from splattering onto the people.

Switch back to the no. 6 rigger brush, and with the gouache white paint, add more surf in the ocean, and paint the horizon line for a brighter feeling. Paint any highlights in the people as well, and for a “summer” touch, use Neutral Tint and the no. 1 round brush to paint sunglasses for some of them.

When you’re done, sign your watercolor beach scene using a mixture of Burnt Sienna and a touch of Indigo. Make sure to practice before doing this! And finally, gently peel off the tape to reveal the clean white border underneath.