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Summer Lovin’ In A Watercolor Beach Scene Tutorial

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Step 10: Finishing Features And White Details


It’s time to add some final touches to your watercolor beach scene! As the main area should be dry by now, you can add more features to the people, such as painting in the lady’s hair using a small no. 1 round brush and mixing Burnt Sienna with your red mixture. Use the same color to add some facial features to anyone who’s positioned near the foreground, and feel free to touch up or add anything that your main area needs.

Squeeze some Permanent White gouache paint onto an auxiliary palette, then add some birds in the sky using a no. 6 rigger brush. Since gouache is a type of opaque paint, it will sit on top of your watercolors, making it perfect to use for white details you may have left out. Add a dot of Ivory Black for each bird’s head, then lighten this color by dabbing it with a rag or paper towel.