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Step-By-Step Furry Fennec Fox

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Step Five


Next, begin adding the Rose Doré to the inside of the fox’s ears, the bottom of the neck, and around its mouth. Be careful not to use too much paint by adding more water to create a very light, delicate color. It’s okay if the color bleeds a little outside of your sketched lines – it will be covered up by the background color. Add touches of the Brown Madder and Burnt Umber to the muzzle, and the tips and inside of the ears. This first layer is a very flexible stage, but be careful to not overdo it. You do not want the colors to appear muddy. If you find that you made a mistake and need to lift any color out, use the Escoda angular brush (or a brush with stiff bristles) and a paper towel. Allow the first layer to dry.