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Perspective Painting For A Vibrant Watercolor Cityscape Of Chinatown

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Step 8: Adding Darker Details


With the same color as the trees’ shadow, add another layer of windows on the rightmost building to darken them. Add Permanent Mauve for some different shadows, but don’t muddy the paint with too many colors. Use Neutral Tint to paint some landings and other architectural details on each storey of a few buildings. Try to draw from your past experiences of observing buildings, and improve your artistic instincts through practice and careful observation.

While dark values are usually painted last, this isn’t a strict rule you have to follow. So use Permanent Mauve to paint the windows on the tallest building on the left, again using irregular rectangle shapes for more interest. Add a jutted edge for details, then paint some rooftops and tighten any splotchy window shapes for the rest of your perspective painting. Darken the color by adding more Permanent Mauve and Neutral Tint, and always keep track of what’s wet and what’s dry. TIP: Keep your painting fresh by using fewer brushstrokes, and use a large brush in order to prevent yourself from overworking the details.