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Perspective Painting For A Vibrant Watercolor Cityscape Of Chinatown

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Step 6: Painting Windows And Architectural Details In Perspective


Switch to the Da Vinci mop brush, and use the same gray-blue mix to add windows to different buildings in the background. By this time, your paper should be dry enough to use the wet-on-dry technique, giving you the hard edges needed for detailed work. Combine Burnt Sienna with French Ultramarine for a different window color on the rightmost building, then add some Neutral Tint for yet another color variation. Touch in Cobalt Violet Light where needed, and keep the windows’ shapes in perspective. This means windows facing the road on the right side will appear long and narrow due to the “tunneling effect”.

Continue to paint window details and switch colors, and remember to vary their shape and size to keep the painting interesting. Don’t forget to apply the rules of distance and perspective as well by making details smaller as you near the vanishing point. Mixing in a touch of Quinacridone Gold will brighten and add a surprise of color to the windows. You can also use a small dose of Viridian and Peacock Blue for smaller windows, or Olive Green and Mineral Violet to get a dark brown variation. Paint ledges and other details to add to the architectural impression, and to help differentiate the cluster of buildings on the left.