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Perspective Painting For A Vibrant Watercolor Cityscape Of Chinatown

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Step 3: Streaking In A Road With The Variegated Wash Technique


Normally, a road is gray in color. However, this would make for a lifeless perspective painting, so add some color by blending Yellow Ochre and Cobalt Blue Hue with the dark brown mixture. Use the resulting blue-gray color to paint the road, brushing in the same direction as your perspective lines. Leave some white lines for lane markings, and to add some “sparkle” to the overall painting. For intersections and crosswalks, add some horizontal brushstrokes that cut across the road.

To get more color variation, mix in Cobalt Blue Hue or Cobalt Green for a different gray tone. Streak these colors into the road while it’s still wet, again following the angle of perspective to build on this illusion. You can use the Cobalt Green mixture to add an edge to the wet buildings as well, which will help differentiate one building from another. Be careful not to add too much, and switch to Cobalt Violet Light for a warmer variation. Work quickly as you still want the soft blends created by the variegated wash technique (a variation of the wet-on-wet method), so if you find the surface is too dry, simply wet it a little before painting again.

Continue using Cobalt Violet Light to paint the shadow of the outcropping on the rightmost building. For this shadow, it’s fine to use the wet-on-dry technique for a harder edge. This means using wet paint on a dry surface, which will help define the foreground and add more depth to this perspective painting.