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Perspective Painting For A Vibrant Watercolor Cityscape Of Chinatown

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Step 2: Building A Building Base Using The Wet-On-Wet Technique


Prop your paper on the tabletop easel, and with the Escoda round brush (no. 20), apply water to the buildings and road in preparation for the wet-on-wet technique. Water control is crucial here, as this determines whether you get hard or soft edges in your perspective painting. Try not to make the paper too wet as well since this may cause the paint to run.

Let the water soak into the paper before prepping your paints. Then, apply Yellow Ochre to the rightmost buildings without diluting it too much as your paper is already wet. Remember to leave certain areas white to help brighten the overall effect of your perspective painting. Next, drop in diluted Neutral Tint to your buildings, especially in the shadowed areas and the buildings on the left. Watercolor paint dries lighter than when it’s wet, so keep that in mind while you paint.

On your palette, mix Yellow Ochre and Neutral Tint, and paint the tallest building in the background. Add Burnt Sienna to this mixture, then paint the lower left buildings and some shadows for the rightmost buildings. By this point, some areas may be quite dry, so simply rewet the paper with clean water whenever you need.

Next, use Sap Green and paint the shadowed sides of the buildings on the left. You can darken these shadows by adding the brown mixture where needed. Don’t worry about the details for now; the first layer of paint always looks rough and messy. It will get better as you add more layers and tighten the overall lines, shapes, and values.