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Perspective Painting For A Vibrant Watercolor Cityscape Of Chinatown

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Step 18: Painting Words And Wires In One Breath


Switch to the Winsor & Newton no. 4 round brush, and with pure Cadmium Red Purple, add some words to the dry white signs. Even if you don’t know how to write Chinese, fake them as best you can as they’re simply added for the Chinatown atmosphere, not for readability.

Use other strong colors like French Ultramarine, Sap Green, or Permanent Mauve to mix up the lettering in other areas of the painting. Next, paint the cables coming out of the top of the bus using the white gouache paint. Use the rigger brush (no. 6) for this, angling the cables diagonally upwards to the right. Once they’re done, paint two white cable lines across the lower levels of the buildings on the left, and connect the bus’ cables to these ones.

For more cables and wires commonly seen in a cityscape, use diluted Neutral Tint and a touch of Permanent Mauve, and paint them across the buildings. Again, don’t hesitate and paint in one go, adding little “nodules” in the wires afterwards.

The previous detail layer should be dry by now, so with the no. 1 rigger and no. 3 round brush, finish off the lettering and flags.