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Perspective Painting For A Vibrant Watercolor Cityscape Of Chinatown

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Step 13: White Gouache Paint And Other Bright Colors


To get opaque but light-colored details, squeeze out Permanent White gouache paint on your auxiliary palette. Use the no. 6 rigger brush and the gouache paint to add white details to your perspective painting. This includes painting the illusion of Chinese characters on the signs, or headlights on the vehicles and for the bus’ route display. However, try not to overdo the white paint, and make sure the underlying layers are dry before painting.

For other road markings, mix Brilliant Orange and Cadmium Yellow Deep, and fill in the left line that you previously lightened with the sponge. Try to get as straight of a line as possible without using the artist’s tape. It helps if you don’t hesitate, and if you paint the line in one go.

With the no. 8 round brush, add more cars to the left and right side of the road. This is your chance to brighten your perspective painting, and use different livelier colors. For example, Bill mixes Cobalt Blue Hue and Cobalt Green to paint a car on the right side, which adds more contrast as the buildings on the right are quite warm-colored while the turquoise mix is cool-colored. Keep lighting in mind, and leave the roof of the car blank to paint with a lighter color later. Take care when painting cars next to each other as well, as the wet paint will bleed into one another and ruin your colors.