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Painting The Night: A Night-Time Cityscape Of Tokyo

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Step 3: A Dark Sky (Without Black)


If there are any backwashes where too much paint was added too quickly, you can soften these marks using a no. 8 round brush and brushing over them with clean water. Make sure the paint is completely dry before moving on, as you’re looking to create hard edges in this step via the “wet-on-dry” technique (i.e. wet paint on a dry surface).

Break down the buildings and sky into shapes, and go over your outlines again with a pencil if necessary. With a 1″ flat brush, prep a lot of Permanent Mauve on your palette. Then, block in the sky while avoiding the buildings and lamps. Use the edge of the brush to get narrow and straight lines, and paint quickly but carefully to prevent streaks from forming in your night-time cityscape.

When you’re done, add a layer of Indigo on top, allowing the paint to mix on paper.