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Painting The Night: A Night-Time Cityscape Of Tokyo

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Step 2: Neon Undertones


Design-wise, it will help to plan the colors in advance, as copying the photo directly will make for a boring painting. Bill decides to go with neon undertones and a dark purple night, as going with straight black won’t give the vibrant effect he’s going for.

To paint these undertones, wet the whole painting area with clean water using the no. 20 round brush. While you give the paper time to absorb the water, prep some bright colors on your palette separately.

Drop Cobalt Violet Light onto the wet paper, creating the “wet-in-wet” effect. You’ll paint large patches of color next to each other, so leave room for other colors while allowing the edges of the paint to naturally bleed into one another. Next, use Permanent Carmine, and add this in places around the purple patches. Keep going with other bright colors like Brilliant Orange, Lemon Yellow, and Permanent Alizarin Crimson, flooding the painting with color. When you’re done, leave the paint to dry, or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.