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Monoprinting As A Watercolor Technique

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Step Seven


Center the Arches paper on the printing plate, and carefully lay it on top. Protect the back of the printmaking paper with a sheet of release or wax paper before pressing down to transfer the paint on the printing plate to the paper. For the best results, use your fingers to burnish (i.e. flatten and get rid of any bubbles that may have been trapped underneath) the surface so that most of the paint can be absorbed by the wet paper. Next, peel the paper off, starting at the top two corners and gently lifting them off the plate. Allow the paper to dry on a flat surface, then repeat the process with your other printing plate and sheet of paper. The printing plates can be cleaned and reused as many times as you like, hence retaining the qualities of the printing process, while producing results that can never be duplicated.

Here are the end results:


Special thanks again, Patty Brady, for the clever tutorial! Here’s a video of the entire process: