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Meringues Painting Study: A Delicious Tutorial feat. Wayne Thiebaud

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Step 4: Switching Between Wet And Dry Layering


Go back to your Cobalt Blue mix, and paint the cast shadows and the shadows under the plates. With your Cerulean Blue mix, darken any areas that look too gray. It’s good to use the wet-in-wet technique here to create softer transitions between the many different bright colors. Later on, you can layer using the wet-on-dry technique to create stronger colors and details.

Mix Leaf Green and Chromium Green Oxide next, and darken the green pies, such as the second one from the top row. If the paint starts to puddle, you can lift out the excess with a “thirsty brush” while the paint is still wet. Use Cobalt Green in other areas for a brighter tone and variation, then go back to Cerulean for other details, using the reference picture as a guide. Keep going in this manner, changing or strengthening colors as necessary without overdoing it.

In any case, even though this is for practice, keep your meringues painting study fun and loose! And use your artistic instincts to help inform you of what colors to place where, especially when placing cool colors against warm colors.