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Fun Lake Scene Teaches Watercolor Techniques For Water & Reflections

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Step 5: Using A Scraping Technique To Create Tree Trunks Within A Forest


When you finish the left area of trees, move to the middle section of the background forest. Add more Cadmium Yellow Light into the previous red mixture, and use this color to paint in more structural branches and leaves along the top of the forest. For the main section, use the same method described in step 4, making sure to “melt in” and bleed the colors into one another without muddying them, which will happen if you try to mix too much paint in one spot. You should have a vibrant, organic feeling to your trees.

Before the paint completely dries, go back to the first section of trees and use a scraping tool – either the corner of a credit card or otherwise – and scrape from the bottom of the forest to the top, creating grooves in the paper. Paint will collect in these grooves, and will dry darker than the surrounding color, making it the perfect method to “draw” tree trunks and branches within your forest. Make sure to wipe the plastic edge with a paper towel after each scrape, as you don’t want paint to collect on the tool. If the paint has dried too much to scrape effectively, go over the area you want to scrape with more paint (blend the paint into the existing colors), wait a moment until the paint is paste-like in appearance, then scrape as needed. Try not to scrape when the paint is too wet either, as doing so will produce a less prominent textural effect.