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Classic: How To Paint A Seascape

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Step 7: Distant Sea


While you’re waiting for the buildings and lighthouse to dry, move on to painting the ocean. Mix a lot of paint for this as you are covering a large area. You will need: Ultramarine, Cerulean, and Peacock Blue, with Cobalt Blue and some Hooker’s and Sap Green, and a touch of Payne’s Gray. The mixture should resemble the colors of the sky, as water reflects the colors of its surroundings. With the Sable brush (size 14), soften the horizon line with clean water, then switch to the size 8 round brush. Add a little more Payne’s Gray and Hooker’s Green into the color you mixed for the ocean, then start painting the water, starting from the horizon line and working your way down. Try to blend the ocean’s color into the sky; soften the transition with a little water if necessary.