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Classic: How To Paint A Seascape

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Step 5: Round Vs Flat Shadows On Buildings


Determine the values for the buildings and lighthouse, then prep the colors you need for the shadowed areas: Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, and a little Payne’s Gray. It should be similar to the darker areas of the sky, as shadows reflect their surrounding colors. For this part, use the round size 2 brush and switch to the size 0 brush when you’re painting a smaller area. With the same color, paint the shadowed area on the lighthouse as well. Since the lighthouse is round, make sure you paint a turning edge on the shadow, which means softening the side of the shadow that is near the light so there’s a gradation from dark to light. You can even add a touch of Cadmium Yellow Orange or Yellow Ochre to the mix to break up the monochrome, or where there is reflected light within the shadows. Lastly, don’t forget to paint the cast shadows caused by the lighthouse.