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Classic: How To Paint A Seascape

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Step 12: Splashes And Craggy Shadows


To paint splashes of water where the waves crash into the rocks, use the Cotman size 2 brush, wet it with clean water, and lift out a little paint from the base of the rocks where you want a splash to appear. The soft negative space created should look like a spray of water. If it’s still too dark, you can use the paper towel to help blot out more paint. Keep adding splashes here and there as you paint along the base of the rocks, but don’t repeat it too much or it may start to look too forced. Add more Burnt Umber and Sienna where needed to tie in the rock with its shadow, and use this same color to paint cracks or other textural details on the rocks. Be selective – details should be more defined towards the foreground, so don’t add them to rocks that aren’t important.