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Famous Painting Study #2: Homer’s Sponge Diver

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Step 5: A White Boat In The Water


Let’s continue to the boat itself. Even though it’s white, it’s still tinted with different hues due to the lighting and angles of each plane. So start by mixing Cadmium and Lemon Yellow, and water it down a lot before tinting the whole boat with this color. Next, dilute Cerulean Blue with a touch of Cobalt Violet Light, and add this tone to the face of the boat that’s closest to the diver. For the boat’s shadowed underside, dilute the turquoise (Viridian and Neutral Tint) mixture, as this shadow will take on some of the sea’s tones. Touch in more Cobalt Violet Light for the boat’s side, and make sure that overall, the underside should be the darkest plane.