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Famous Painting Study #2: Homer’s Sponge Diver

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Step 10: Finishing Shadows And A Signature


It’s time to add the finishing touches to your painting study. First, there’s a cast shadow from the diver’s forearm on the boat, so use a diluted gray and brown mixture to paint that in. Soften the left side of this shadow, then use the same color to darken the sea area between the man and boat.

Next, add some of your brown mixture in the sea area to the left of the diver, and glaze over the same area with a diluted version so the brown doesn’t look too out of place. Lastly, touch up any parts where the paints have bled too much, or add or fix any shadows to help improve the overall feeling of your painting.

When you’re done and the paint is dry, feel free to erase some of the pencil lines in the clouds. You can also use a small rigger brush to sign your painting! Remember to credit the original artist with an “a la Winslow Homer”, as this painting is just a study. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from this deceptively simple exercise, and apply what you’ve learned to your future paintings!